I grew up in a suburb outside New York City, went to college in Maryland a few miles outside of D.C. (Go Terps!), and now live in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin. When I’m not working at the Wisconsin Nurses Association or freelancing as a web developer, you can find me at barre class, doing yoga, watching sitcoms, learning about astronomy, playing piano, or laying in the park listening to music.

At the University of Maryland, I majored in Sociology and Spanish. I believe that studying social interactions on both micro and macro levels has been so important in understanding my place in the world, and opening myself up to new people and new experiences. Being able to also study Spanish was such a gift. I studied abroad for a semester in Seville, Spain in a language-intensive series of courses. It was amazing to learn about another culture both in the classroom and out, and estoy orgullo decir que todavía hablo Español con fluidez [I am proud to say that I'm still fluent in Spanish].

Even though I enjoyed my studies, when I graduated I still didn't know what type of career path I wanted. So, when a job with Epic Systems gave me the opportunity to move to Madison, a great city I had visited once to see one of my favorite bands, The Main Squeeze, I was excited to take it. About a year after beginning work there, I realized the long 60+ hour weeks and the constant plane travel were not for me, so I left the job to pursue a career with a better work-life balance.

I began working as the Director of Communications and Membership at the Wisconsin Nurses Association, a small non-profit where I knew I would be able to continue working with both people and technology, a marriage I enjoyed at my previous job. It is here that I taught myself HTML and CSS to better understand creating email templates and the back-end of our website. I enjoyed it so much I took classes to improve my skills and learn more skills such as JavaScript, Responsive Web Design, NodeJS, PHP, and working with WordPress and Git/GitHub.

Since then I have built many websites for clients and for myself, many of which you will find in the Work & Projects section below. It's been a journey, but I finally know that the career path I want to take is one that includes me being a Web Developer. It's a role that challenges me and excites me, lets me be creative while meticulously solving problems, and allows me to talk with people and make something that will make them smile. Not to mention the work-life balance of working remotely is fantastic! I can focus on my work, and still have time to fulfill my other joys like traveling to see my family in NY, watching the stars, learning new songs on the piano, and practicing yoga and meditation.

Overall, I am a happy person and am grateful for the life I lead and the people that are in it. I welcome new challenges and approach them sincerely. I also enjoy watching the NY Giants play football, funny TV shows like The Office and 30 Rock, being by the water, and playing Settlers of Catan with my friends.

Work & Projects

Once I began learning code, I quickly fell in love. Making simple thoughts and designs a reality on the Internet feeds my creativity as well as my enjoyment in meticulously solving problems. Web pages have to be fun to look at, but also functional and easy to use.

I enjoy taking a website design, in any format--a photo, a word doc, even a doodle on paper--and transforming it to fit on the internet. The websites I build will always look just as good on cell phones as they do on a desktop, and across all popular browsers. I never want to leave anyone out of the website experience!

I've built websites using simple HTML & CSS, using JavaScript and jQuery, and some WordPress websites as well. I included a few of my favorites below for you to see.

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