responsive web design, multi-page site

This website is for a client of mine that was starting out as a personal trainer. The current text in there is mostly filler-text, but the intent is real. She wanted the site design to feature photos, and cater to both men and women of all workout levels. For the photos, I created a cool parallax effect I’ve noticed on most photo-heavy sites recently. To achieve the gender and skill neutrality, I used color more sparingly, and focused on making the site more inviting with basic text and smiling photos, opposed to other exercise-focused sites that use a lot of workout jargon and intimidating photos.

She wanted to use the site mostly to recruit clients and allow current clients to easily book sessions. For those purposes, I start the site out initially by showing a smiling photo of a training session, and a quick explanation of what AKFitness is. As you scroll down the site, the company description is elaborated, and ends with testimonials from three of her clients. The very bottom is her Instagram feed, which she regularly uses to post photos of her weight lifting competitions, and inspiring photos from transforming clients. It’s currently set to my personal Instagram though, since the website isn’t live.

It’s built with HTML, CSS, and a bit of JavaScript to be completely responsive and easy to use.


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